Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy

aromatherapyAromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils in a treatment. René Maurice Gattefossé, a French chemist, first coined the term ‘aromatherapy’ in the 1920’s.

However, the knowledge of how to extract and apply essential oils is a very ancient art indeed. The ancient Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Chinese and Arab cultures made use of many aromatic oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

aromatherapy bottlesAn essential oil is an organic aromatic volatile compound extract by distillation from a single botanical species. Essential oils can be found in leaves (peppermint), blossoms (orange blossom), fruit (lemon), wood (sandalwood), Oleo Gum Resin (Frankincense), Rhizome (Valerian), and dry flower buds (clove).

When we rub a sprig of rosemary between our fingers, walk through a rose garden, peel a mandarin, we are all aware of a very unique aroma. The specific aromas and flavours of flowers, fruit, herb, and spices are given by their essential oils.

The ways in which aromatherapy can be practised can be separated into five areas of specialisation. These different areas are: simple aromatherapy for home use, cosmetic aromatherapy, perfumery and the psychotherapeutic use of oils for the effects of their odours on the mind, holistic aromatherapy including the use of massage and essential oils, and medical and clinical aromatherapy, where essential oils are used to treat medical complaints.

Clinical Aromatherapy

is mainly for the quick relief of acute conditions and is relevant when regular treatments are not possible. The therapist and the essential oils aim to 'fix' the problems.

Holistic Aromatherapy

incorporates the four main concepts of Holism:

  • Each person exists on many levels
  • Each person is unique
  • Each person needs to be part of the decision-making process
  • Each person has self- healing potential

Holistic Aromatherapy is relevant for chronic, deep-seated problems of long duration, and reflexology can be incorporated.

The therapist and the essential oils act as catalysts for change.

Aromatherapeutic Preparations

For over 20 years, Marie-France has searched for the best essential oils (organic wherever possible), hypoallergenic clays (sun-dried), creams, floral waters, gels (aloe vera and seaweed), lotions, cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils, and is now confident about the safety and diversity of her range.

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